At Home Learning 3/30/20 – 4/12/20

Coach Blankenship’s World Geography Extended Break Assignment 2.0

Students, during the extended, extended break due to the coronavirus threat, please go ahead and get the Vocabulary done for the next unit after the one on Europe which will be Chapters 15 and 20-24. These chapters will be over the continent of Africa. Please write them in your notebook as you normally would and I will check them off when we get back. If possible, use the textbook definition using your online textbook. If you are unable to access the online version of the book, you may use any dictionary to define the terms. Here are the lists of words:

Ch. 15, 20-24 Vocabulary (I shortened this list):

Ch. 15

  1. alluvial soil
  2. domesticate
  3. nationalism
  4. bedouin

Ch. 20

  1. delta
  2. patriarchal
  3. subsistence farming

Ch. 21

  1. rift valley
  2. escarpment
  3. indigenous

Ch. 22

  1. reservoir
  2. conflict diamonds
  3. griots

Ch. 23

  1. basin
  2. cash crop
  3. plantation

Ch. 24

  1. urbanization
  2. commercial farming

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